She Made A Mistake Of Accepting A Ride Offered By A Stranger. Now, She Wants To Teach Girls How She Escaped Her Captor And Death.

She Made A Mistake Of Accepting A Ride Offered By A Stranger. Now, She Wants To Teach Girls How She Escaped Her Captor And Death.

Jennifer Asbenson was only 19 years old when she made a huge and haunting mistake of accepting rides offered by a stranger in Cathedral City, California. Now, she wants others, especially young girls, to learn how she escaped her captor and her almost death. Read on for the full story!

Photo Copyright © 2017 Facebook/Jennifer Asbenson


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Jennifer Asbenson, famous for being the sole victim who survived death by the hands of a notorious serial killer named Andrew Urdiales during his mass killing spree in the 90s. Asbenson, who was 19 at the time of her capture, managed to escape from Urdiales.

The killer was later caught after killing eight women and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole in Indiana. Now, 24 years later, Asbenson decides to show her followers on how she managed to she escape Urdiales and death.

The whole terrifying incident happened in 1992. Urdiales was caught five year later, in 1997. He confessed of killing eight women. Urdiales will be tried again for the murder of the other victims. Urdiales was 32 when he was arrested.

Asbenson was abducted around her hometown in Cathedral City, California. According to her, Urdiales pointed a gun at her head and attempted to sexually abuse her. He also repeatedly beat her up, gagged her, and then tied her up with a twine.

Asbenson told, “I wanted my viewers to be there with me, in real time.”

She continued, “I wanted them to hear everything in my own words, without interruption. I wanted them to feel like they were experiencing it with me. I am not ashamed or embarrassed to be a human. So, I do not edit myself. I thought people would appreciate the rawness of it.”

“I automatically thought, ‘He can’t be any kind of crazy person because why would he pull away and not come attack me?’” she said.

“He didn’t do anything bizarre … I even felt bad for prejudging him. He said [a few weird things] but nothing to jump out of the car for. He goes to drop me off and I got out of the car and he asked me for a phone number.”

“I started walking and I could hear gravel underneath the wheels just turning over the dirt. I didn’t even look because I knew it was him.”

“At that age, I had not heard any stories of serial killers. I grew up with no electricity, no running water, television, nothing like that. I was extra naive.”

“He just started screaming and he pulled at my hair and called me names and said, ‘No, that wasn’t the number, some old lady answered that,’” she said.

“He grabbed me by the hair and he shoved my head into the dashboard. I remember thinking that it was a joke and I couldn’t process it. And then a gun came out.”

“My thoughts as he was driving were ‘Please don’t turn where I think you’re going to turn because that means we’re going into the middle of nowhere. Out by the windmills. Out where there’s nothing.’”

“I started telling him I’d ‘do anything: I’ll rob a bank with you, whatever you want.’ I was using any skill I’d ever learned in life to try and get out of this man’s possession.”

“I knew that he was evil but I didn’t know what I was in for. At this point, I knew I was going to die. But I didn’t know what he was going to do to me before he killed me and that scared me most of all.”

“He punched me and he started cutting my shorts … and ripped my underwear off, it was all going so fast.”

“I think, ‘Don’t look back, don’t ever look back.’ But I look back. He was chasing me down the middle of the road with a machete. So I just ran, a car was coming towards me, it was a truck.”

“I was spent. It could have run me over. But instead, it was two Marines and they stopped. I told them what happened, they had a pair of jeans that fit me perfectly.”

“I taught myself to revert back to my imagination to get through tough times. I taught my eyes to only see beauty and added amazing words into my vocabulary.”

“I began to see differently, walk taller, make better eye contact and realized I had a purpose on this Earth. I didn’t want my daughter to ever wish she had a different mom, so I turned myself into a different person.”

Watch the Asbenson's video here:

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