She Goes To The Doctor Because She Wants To Undergo A Procedure To Regrow Her Hair Down There

She Goes To The Doctor Because She Wants To Undergo A Procedure To Regrow Her Hair Down There

After she had a child and began to look at her body in a different way, she realized that her biggest regret was the fact that she’d tried so hard to get rid of so much of her body hair in the past – particularly in her bikini zone.

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Monica, a 42-year-old mother from London, is seeking an unusual new treatment from her doctors. She wants to undergo body hair restoration – in her bikini zone.

For many years, Monica had dedicated much of her time and energy to removing her pubic hair. It was in fashion at the time, and given her youth at the time, she wanted to look her best everywhere on her body.

She recalled, “Much of my grooming regime involved waxing in salons, but that was expensive, so I later tried cost-effective DIY strips which seemed harmless.”

For many years, Monica kept using these DIY strips because they did their job and were effective for their cost. It became habit, second nature to do so.

Then, things changed. “After several years, I gradually stopped,” Monica explained. “I got into a serious relationship and later married, then – after the birth of my son – I saw my body in a different way. I didn’t want to groom as much, especially as my husband agreed that he preferred the natural look.”

So Monica finally decided to put her DIY hair removal strips down and let her pubic hair grow back in.

Much to her horror, when the hair finally returned, it came back in patches. “There were noticeable areas which were bald and, although my husband didn’t care, I was embarrassed,” Monica admitted. “I became self-conscious.”

She compared her fear with, perhaps, how many men and women felt when they began losing hair on their head. Except for her, it wasn’t of natural causes. She’d caused her own hair to thin out over the years by removing it so often.

Monica entered a state of panic. “I spent a lot of money on lotions and potions which didn’t work,” she recalled.

Then, last year, she came across something new: the possibility of a hair transplant procedure where doctors took the hair follicles from the back of someone’s head and replaced them in other areas of the body to boost hair growth.

One of Monica’s friends had even had the procedure done for her eyebrows, which ultimately prompted Monica to seek a consultation.

Doctors explained the procedure to Monica and reassured her that there would neither be any discomfort or any scarring. She would also never have to undergo the procedure again.

It didn’t take long for Monica to make up her mind. She would undergo the procedure.

“Within two weeks I was booked in and underwent the procedure their New Cavendish Street site,” Monica said.

They first had her lay on her stomach for an hour as they removed hair follicles from the back of her head. “[It] felt no worse than being prodded with a biro,” she said.

After the hair follicle removal procedure was finished, doctors had Monica flip over so they could re-implant the follicles into her bikini line.

Just 90 minutes after the procedure was finished, Monica was allowed to return home. She had to keep her pubic region wet with a saline for a couple days, allow it to scab over, and then heal for another month before she could resume all normal activity.

Now, five months later, Monica says, “I feel like a whole woman again. The natural look is definitely back – and for me, it’s here to stay.”

Would you have this procedure done?

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