Mom Of Twins Fires Back At The Commenter Who Said She Has An

Mom Of Twins Fires Back At The Commenter Who Said She Has An 'Easy' Life

Read on to find out how this busy mother of twins responded to someone who thought she had an "easy" life as a stay-at-home mom.

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Any woman who has ever been a stay-at-home mom, was raised by a stay-at-home parent, or at the very least, knows one, is all-too familiar with how tough the job can be. Despite this, there are still naysayers out there who will claim that being with your kids full-time isn’t a “real job” or shouldn’t be considered “work”.

Those of us who have heard these ignorant comments before will usually just turn the other cheek and ignore it, since we know the truth, but one mother of twins named Anna Strode decided to fire back at all of the people out there who say that her life is easy because she’s at home with her children.

Someone had commented on one of Anna’s Instagram photos, and she couldn’t let the incident slide.

“Last week someone made a comment on my page and you know what, it upset me. It cut me pretty deep and while I do my best to remain positive - this hurt. It basically said 'I wish I got to stay at home all day and exercise with my child, instead I have to go to work and do WORK...'” her post began.

Anna was frustrated that someone would claim that she wasn’t working because she was with her kids all the time.

“Work?! You think I don't WORK?! You think I sit at home all day and twiddle my thumbs? You think 2 x 22 month old toddlers just let me kick my feet up all day after I've done my morning workout? You think I'm beaming with energy as I grow a new baby and frantically do my best to keep up with twin boys that run rings around me?!”

Anna fired back at the comment, describing what her daily life is like managing 2 toddlers each day. She goes onto explain that she makes the time that she can to exercise, but is completely overwhelmed and busy with looking after her children, and that it is no easy feat.

“My days are spent changing shitty nappies, dealing with tantrums, playing cars and trucks, making food that gets thrown on the floor before it's even tasted, walking the streets trying to get tired, grumpy children to nap, attempting to teach two little humans to SHARE instead of bite, pull hair, scratch or push each other, pushing swings, climbing up and down bloody forts that shouldn't even be in kids playgrounds because they are so damn unsafe, singing the alphabet, going for adventures to keep the bubs happy, vacuuming 3 times a day because of all that food that I worked so hard to cook wasn't even considered eating…”

After going through every possible challenge she may face on the day-to-day as a stay-at-home mom, she discusses her money troubles, how important it is that she maintains her blog to have an income, and even rents out a studio to make ends meet.

All in all, there is nothing more important to her than being a parent, and Anna doesn’t forget this, but when people call her hectic life “easy”, just because it isn’t a typical “job”, it understandably frustrates her.

“I'm not saying that I or someone works harder than another, what I'm saying is we ALL work hard! One thing I know for sure, though, is I'm glad I chose this job and I wouldn't change a thing. This job is hard but it is by far the MOST rewarding."

Anna’s powerful Instagram post is something we should all keep in mind, whether we’re parents or not. No one’s job is “easier” or “better” than anyone else’s; the important thing is that we do the best we can do in whatever role we’ve chosen.

What do you think of Anna’s post about parenthood?

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